Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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Have you ever wanted something, but you get judged by your school, friends and even family? I just wanted to be normal. Have fun with friends and finally achieve my worldwide dream being a superstar. Those were my dreams ever since the violence and discouragement started. I only have one friend, which I’m grateful for her name is Alyssa. Oh, let me introduce myself, I’m Erika Leaflet 16 year old, black hair with brown highlights that reaches my waist, dark chocolate eyes and pretty tall. Also, did I mention I work as a part time waitress at a club just getting extra cash. I attend my local school which is Mencandrik High School.

Another Day came fast in the morning over at Sydney, I was preparing another torture at school, hearing all those
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I entered the club and the boss greeted me, smiling warmly he was like a grandfather, he always tell me to call him gramps. I quickly went to change, by the time i get changed i see the them in the club. Laughing and hitting each other was what they were doing before they were assigned to their seat. I walked up to another table to serve avoiding them at any cost suddenly when I was walking towards another table. I hear a familiar voice, a voice that I thought I trusted.

It was her, the only friend I have was talking terrible stuff about me behind my back. I feel ashamed, angry, humiliated that I believed she was my only friend. She saw me with her eyes suddenly turned to panicked and turning away from embarrassment. I walked up to her and dump some water on top of her head, making everyone in the club gasp.

My head was hanging low. I whispered towards her ‘why’. She suddenly got angry and snapped saying what everyone thinks about me. That I’m worthless and I will never achieve my dream. I hold on to the urge to slap her across the face. She knew how hard I worked to achieve my dream, I’m always determined, but now my only friend lied to me, but not only that she made me feel like i can’t do anything. It feels like a snail trying their hardest to go across the
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I was stunned to say anything. Later, he gave me some news that will help me achieve my dream and getting away from this awful place that I called home ever since I was born here.
Me becoming a superstar at the age of 16. Wow, completely didn’t expect this to happen. I didn’t say anything as he thought that I might reject his offer. He told me if I ever decide call him then he gave me his card.

I walked back at my 2 story home. My parents were furious once I enter the room. Telling me that I’m worthless and that they can’t believe that I’m their daughter. I ran upstairs then towards my room. I lay down on my bed, silently crying as if I don’t want any comfort.

I thought about the offer that i received from Alec. If i go then, I will be running away from my problems but if i don’t I will never ever find my happiness. I didn’t know what to decide. I never thought making a decision was as hard as doing homework. This choice will change my future for better or

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