Descriptive Essay About A Pet

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Just like any other child, I always whined to my parents for a pet. Dog or cat, it didn’t matter. I longed to have something that I could call my own and take care of. My parents, just like any other set of parents, were apprehensive that due to the fear of the extra workload and responsibility that comes with a pet. Things such as,
“It will be hard to go for long vacations.”
“Who’s going to clean their poo poo?”
“You both are pets yourself”
Was often heard by my sister and me. The fascination for a pet loomed larger as I grew older. I never thought of the disadvantage our family due to our constant moving out to different countries because of the nature of my father’s work. This was the time when it was our second year in Seychelles, an
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Her daughter took her and the teacher wanted to find a family to take care of her. I was the only one willing to take her because I was so excited at the thought of having a pet! I ran back home that day and told my parents about that small kitten in school today. Somehow they were a bit hesitant about it at first. My persistent convincing of them made them to somehow utter, “hmm.. …show more content…
I was given her little box where she sleeps, her purple towel to keep her warm, her little mini milk bottle and a box of baby milk powder. The teacher gave me some tips on how to take care of it since the little kitten was still very small, just six days old. I brought her back home and we named her Angel. What a beautiful name! My mom looked at her and she is a weakling. Angel was tiny and barely moved. She always slept like a little bundle. My mom mentioned that maybe she was not abandoned. Maybe the teacher should not have taken her because maybe her mother went to bring her food. And also that she can only be fully happy and healthy if she had her mother’s milk in these initial stages of life. This made me a bit upset but I and my family didn’t give up to nourish her to become a healthy cat who will one day be active and we would play with yarns together. We did our best to give her milk often to keep her healthy. The first day at our house was good. She was walking and standing on her own and seemed to be faintly purring. I was happy to see the signs of improvement in her. The next day my mom kept her under the sun to warm her up and activate her muscles. We changed the towel from time to time because of the pee and poo on the towel. We kept her under the protection of the towel so that she would feel her mother’s warmth in this new

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