What Does Being A Pet Mean To You Essay

Just like any other child, I always whined to my parents for a pet. Dog or cat, it didn’t matter. I longed to have something that I could call my own and take care of. My parents, just like any other set of parents, were apprehensive that due to the fear of the extra workload and responsibility that comes with a pet. Things such as,
“It will be hard to go for long vacations.”
“Who’s going to clean their poo poo?”
“You both are pets yourself”
Was often heard by my sister and me. The fascination for a pet loomed larger as I grew older. I never thought of the disadvantage our family due to our constant moving out to different countries because of the nature of my father’s work. This was the time when it was our second year in Seychelles, an exotic island in the Indian Ocean with pure sandy beaches and the clear blue ocean around it. I spent most of my teenage years there. I once found out that one of the computer teachers in my school was giving out a little kitten for free! I was so excited and felt like it was just right for a pet. I saw it for the first time in the computer lab. She was inside a small box, wrapped around a purple towel. I couldn’t believe her size was able to fit into my hand. She had black, white and brown spots on her. And the teacher believed she was about 3-4 days old.
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Her daughter took her and the teacher wanted to find a family to take care of her. I was the only one willing to take her because I was so excited at the thought of having a pet! I ran back home that day and told my parents about that small kitten in school today. Somehow they were a bit hesitant about it at first. My persistent convincing of them made them to somehow utter, “hmm..

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