Swizterland Research Paper

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Having fun with my baby girl on the sledge and my dog in the Swiss Alps/Me and my little girl owning the sledge with my dog in the Swiss Alps
/Trudging through the Swiss Alps with my little girl on the sledge and my dog
If you want to experience truly spectacular sights of great mountains, I would send you straight to the little village called Grindelwald, situated in the heart of the beautiful and captivating Switzerland which offers relentless pleasure for skiers and adrenaline-packed adventures for sledgers.
Swizterland is a country of luxury and class. We have all heard stories of its natural riches lying hidden inside its mountains. This strange country nestled in the centre of Europe, although not a member of the Union, has nearly one
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Sledging - Grindelwald is a Mecca for speed sledging lovers. The town has a well-organized bus transportation system to Faulhorn, the starting point (2.680m), but you can also choose between trekking, and taking the gondola. We opted for the latter one. Grindelwald is the final point (1034m) with the length of the 15 km. Our daily dose was approximately from 30 to 45 km, since we always returned to the hotel for our afternoon nap. On the penultimate day, we left the track in a completely worn out state, since we used it from 10 am to 6 pm. I have no idea how many kilometers we sledged through, but we certainly worked extra hours for our girl. Oh, and did I mention that Sage was running with us the whole time? Heading off to the hotel room after the fourth round of sledging 2. First, Schreckfeld, Bort – three ski stations. First has one of the most enviable views of the Swiss Alps and is also the best starting point for sledging if you want to get down to Bort. The hotel there offers the most sinfully good meals in the whole resort. The view from Bort ski slope
2. Pets (even though we only saw dogs) are welcome everywhere - literally, and they get served water and biscuits. There is no place dogs are not allowed to

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