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The hefty car door slammed, as my sister, Casey, and I treaded through the thick, fluorescent snow. My family and I had driven to our family friend’s house who had just returned home with their brand new puppy.
“Con hurry up, she’s adorable!” said Casey as my 6 year old self still struggled to get through the thick, powdery snow. There was no help from my parents or anyone because a dog is definitely more important than your own son. However, I eventually reached the front door and felt the wave of an unexplained emotion rush over me. It was a exempt of all tiredness, pain, or any problems I had in my six year old life. The sight of this newborn, golden retriever puppy, such a small, innocent animal brought so much delight with just one look.
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Need. One.”
“You guys pretty much have another child! No thank you,” chuckled my mom with our neighbor. At this time, my sister and I knew that this was going to be a long journey. Like really, really long.
As the the flowers bloomed and weather warmed, Casey and my desires for a dog worsened. We had brought it up occasionally, but nothing to harsh, yet. I would go to school everyday, thinking about having my own furball to play with when I was home. After getting back from school I would walk past my mom in the useless laundry room, always wondering what she did in there that took her so long.
Every time she stepped out of that room, I would say, “How bout now,”with her already knowing what I was talking about since the question had been asked since winter. “Nope,” was the answer, that varied daily with tone
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That Friday after school, my mom and I decided to get some supplies for the possible new pet that would be joining the family. “I’ll be in the car!” I screamed to my mom, which was a lie, knowing that it would make her hurry up. I treaded out to the car and waited for my mom. After a good 5 minutes of sitting in the heat, she finally got in the car. “Ok what do we need, I’m kinda new to this,” my mom said to me thinking I have had some prior experience with a dog. Hesitantly is replied, “Uh, some toys, food and water bowl, uh crate?” “Where are we gonna fit a crate? I don’t want the dog in my bedroom, it will be too loud.” Complained my mom. I told her we would figure out later. We arrived at the petstore. The smell of treats and dog bones filled the air. I picked out some toys and a food bowl and my mom went to go search for a crate. Filling the car, we just managed to fit it all in. When we got home, I showed Casey all the stuff we got, and showed her the monstrous cage we bought for the tiny puppy. It was kind of weird how we bought all this stuff, even though we were not totally sure we could get the dog. “Mom, we could just put the cage in the laundry room, that rooms pointless anyways.” I said, while slowly dragging the screeching crate across the tile floor. My mom was saying something but the crate was making too much noise, so I just

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