Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Paper

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Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Paper

Terrance Douglas, Katie Faiman, Marika Schlindwein, Christyl Schoultz, & Samantha Sisk


February 3, 2013
Dr. Deborah Suzzane

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Paper

Have you ever noticed that we just keep moving forward? There are countless, unseen individuals who make this happen each day, but how do they operate? How do they accomplish all of this? We live in a complex world. Behind the scenes, researchers are steadily developing new theories and testing their outcome. For them, statistics serves a very different purpose. In the next few paragraphs, the role of statistics is explained as their role in the psychological community. Statistics
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2009). Statistics is usually divided up into two main categories, and that is descriptive and inferential. Both are very beneficial to the researcher or psychologist and help them to, better understand what it is that they are trying to collect information. Statistics take complex data and put it in a way that is simple so that anyone that looks at research that is done can specifically identify what it is that they are looking at . It also makes it easier to compare data to other data which has previously been collected. One other function that statistics have, is that it enables us to forecast, what can potentially happen, with other similar types of research, and helps other researchers, form a better idea, of what they are searching for. Descriptive and inferential statistic can be easily defined.
Descriptive Statistics & Inferential Statistics Descriptive statistics are used to help researchers and consumers better understand and translate research data. Descriptive data assist with the understanding of how the data is distributed across the possible range of values (Mchugh, 2003). They also help with knowing whether or not the shape of the variable is normal. The also help us to comprehend if one’s subjects tend to clump together in one spot on the distribution, or if they are widely scattered throughout the possible range of

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