Essay on Descriptive Analysis Of ' Georgia '

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Descriptive Analysis Paper
My descriptive analysis comes from a painting that reflects a train wreck that happened in Blackshear, Georgia. The canvas is displayed at the Pierce County Courthouse, under a secure glass. The painting was donated by a local family and it bears a small signature, however the original artist remains unspecified. The portrait serves as a continuous memento of the events that transpired on that day, the lives that were lost, and the history that was made. Yet, I also gain a sense of pride of knowing what Blackshear has achieved, since that dreadful day.
The train wreckage occurred a long time ago, in the year of 1888. While the representation does not reflect the morning of March 17, 1888, I can only assume the sun rose in this quiet, southern, farming community that day as a natural occurrence. I am confident that day was no different from any other ordinary day. Some were preparing to go into the fields, while others were preparing to go into the woods. Nonetheless, this day changed Blackshear and the surrounding communities forever. This art exposes the saddest day Blackshear has ever had documented.
Examining this image, one can hear the sound of metal screeching, wood poles cracking in two, and a train horn squealing, as people cried out for their very life. In the quiet town, the disturbing sounds echoed for miles. The people standing in the picture signify the hundreds that ran to discover the corpses and remnants of the train wreck. While…

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