Descriptive Analysis Of ' Concepts Of Organizational Management

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Metaphoric Approach to Organizational Management
Most organizations in the world thrive on creating and sustaining a great workplace culture. A trust-based culture is relevant to the stakeholders of an organization, from the highest office all the way to the junior staff members. The culture of professional relationship and competence builds upon mutual respect and all manner of ethics and discipline as well as the responsibility of an individual and as a team. The organization assigns employees duties on the merit of their specialization and expertise. They are required to perform their functions as per the requirements of the organization regarding some working hours, an amount of tasks, and other regulations. This research aims at analyzing desperate situations at the place of work that require action in the context of metaphors from images of an organization (Tjosvold, Wong, & Feng Chen, 2014).
Metaphors are multifaceted and are an excellent instrument for the creative way of thinking and communicating. Imagery breaks down communication concepts that are complicated, unclear, and valuable. I’m going to analyze metaphors of Gareth Morgan and how they relate to our personal experiences.
Gareth Morgan 's (2006) metaphoric approach towards the organizational management demonstrates the effect of imagery on the way we think, on our collective knowledge, and our language. Morgan identified the purpose of metaphor is simply a similar tool since the pure…

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