Descriptions And Characteristics Of The Asian Leopard Cat

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The Asian Leopard Cat is a small wildcat that can be found in several regions of East and South Asia. There are more than 10 different subspecies of this cat depending on where they live. Most of these subspecies are threatened by loss of hunting areas and natural habitat.
These cats are the most distant relative of the Leopard and are of similar size to the cats that you find in most homes. The male cats are bigger than the female cats and they weigh in around 5.2 to 8.4 lb. They are a very attractive and slender species that can be found in the deep jungles of China, Taiwan, India, Korea, Borneo, Thailand, Singapore, and Philippines. Their body is long and stylish and their front legs are usually shorter than their back legs.
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In the southern region, it can vary depending on the weather conditions. The gestation period is about 70 days and up to 5 kittens are born in the den where they stay until they are a month old. The newborn weigh 2.6 - 4.6 oz. at birth and their weight doubles within two weeks. In about 5 weeks, they weight about 15 oz. The eyes of the newborn open in 10 days and they start eating solid food after 20 days. These cats can live up to the age of 13 years in captivity.
The Bengal Cat
The Bengal cat is the result of breeding an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat. They were developed by several people, most notably by Jean Sugden Mill. The main aim of the experiment was the harness the beauty and agility of the wild cat, yet maintaining the personality of the domestic cat. A noticeable feature of this cat is the wonderful coat that is not only beautiful but also soft and sleek.
The experiment to get a new breed of cat was started in the 60’s. During the 70’s, several studies were conducted in the University of California on the Bengal cat breed. These studies proved that these cats where partially immunes to deadly diseases like feline leukaemia. These cats were acquired from the University by Jean Mill who showed them to the world at an exposition in 1985. When the public first saw the Bengal cat, they were amazed at the beauty and the timid nature of the

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