Description Of The Road Trip Essay

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Road Trip It was the morning of July 5th, 2015. My alarm sounded off at around 4:30 AM telling me it was time to get ready and head out. I grabbed my duffle bag full of clothes, got in my truck, and headed to my girlfriend’s house who lives five minutes away. I pulled into the driveway with excitement rushing through my body. She was standing there, all packed, wearing a Boston Red Sox hat. We had gone shopping the night before for food and drinks we thought we needed. We had a cooler full of ice and piled everything up in there and placed it in the trunk of our car along with our tent, blankets, and other miscellaneous items we were going to need. Multiple pillows lined the backseat, and a trashcan was placed on the floor to collect our garbage along the way. We both smiled and got into the car, knowing we had a long journey ahead of us. With phones fully charged, we plugged in our first stop into the GPS. Today was the day we were going on a road trip to California. Our first stop on our trip was Lexington, Virginia. Before hand, we had planned out most of our stops using a useful app that we found. This allowed us to see how much the trip would cost in gas, how many miles between each stop, and restaurants and attractions in the area. The first day was exciting because we were traveling away from home, passing places we had never seen before, seeing city names that we couldn’t pronounce. Every now and then, we would pull over to a rest stop and take out our cooler,…

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