Essay about Description Of The Lesson Plan

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Description of Artifact: I created this artifact at Cameron University while on my journey to earning my Elementary Education Degree and becoming a certified elementary teacher. This artifact is a reflection that I created on a lesson plan. I created this in hopes I will be teaching a creative and motivational lesson plan to engage my own students one day in the near future. The title of the lesson plan used in my artifact is Money Mania. The lesson plan was created as a requirement for my Intro to Teaching course I am currently taking in class taught by Dr. Jennifer Holloway for fall of 2015. I used the teaching strategies taught in in the course to develop this lesson plan. This is my first lesson plan I created while being in Intro to Teaching and while being in Cameron University’s teacher education program. I plan to use this artifact to motivate my students to learn in an unusual way. I believe my students will be very excited about learning with a hands-on lesson. I believe this lesson plan contains most of the learning styles, in this way every student has an equal chance of learning. I feel that this artifact proves that I am competent, caring, and committed. It proves that I am competent because I appreciates multiple teaching strategies. I understand that all students learn differently and want to incorporate all of the learning styles into my teaching. I have taken the time to create a motivational climate in my classroom. By creating this climate my students…

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