Description Of The Learning Event Essay

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Description of the Learning Event:
A concerned mother is worried about the way her son has chosen a preference of choosing to play with friends that are girls rather than boys and playing with toys that are generally just for girls. A mother than takes her son to see a pediatrician who tells everything will be ok, that it is just a phase he is going through. However, the pediatrician was completely wrong. Unfortunately, a case like this still happens and occurs today. If you have a child that is experiencing gender confusion, cross gender play, or having the lack of friends that are the same sex can lead to a sign that something is wrong. There have been reports that there has been a case of stressful factors that a boy or girl goes through psychologically that interferes how they show their masculine or feminine sides. The following people should be aware and informed incase this type of thing happens and they include, educators, health professionals, and parents of course. These types of things can occur, because it is their attempt to please a sensitive trouble mom or dad figure in their lives. It has been highly recommended that throughout an evaluation of parents and children who are going through gender identity disorder, that it is a major essential that they go through with a treatment plan.
Analysis of Where You Have Been:
According to American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, young children who are experiencing psychological conflict…

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