Characteristics Of A Snail

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Slow as a Snail, But Fast as 1-2-3 “My son loves to crawl around with this toy!! It does fall over a little bit but that is completely fine because my baby loves to look at himself in the little mirror. Overall, this is a great toy and I would buy it as gifts for other babies” (“Fisher-Price”, 2016).
The Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail has colors that contrast with one another to help give a distinction in the different parts of the snail. The head of the snail is yellow which contrasts well with the purple body of the snail. The yellow head has green antennas, which does not contrast as well with the color of the head as the other colors on the snail body. On the head of the snail, the face has a black mouth, black and white eyes, and rosy pink cheeks. The on/off switch is located directly behind the head of the snail on the neck and is yellow.
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172-196). The snail helps promote the development in different areas of cognitive processing by engaging the infant with the mirror on the side of the snail, having the infant remember where the on/off switch is at, the infant showing signs of habituation towards the song the snail plays, and when the infant becomes creative with the snail, giving it a life of its own. The infant uses the mirror to help develop the brain. The mirror on the side of the snail helps the infant start to become familiarized with their own looks and the cause and effect reactions. The infant, unknowingly becomes very curious about the baby it sees in the mirror on the snail shell, talking to it and reaching for it in the shell. This helps give the baby the basic concept of perception of their surroundings and familiarity of what things in their world look like. For the mirror to be useful to the development of the infant, the infant has to be old enough and have the ability to see clearly with their

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