Description Of My Parent 's Divorce Essay

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Descriptions The situation I have been dealing with in the past and the present, is my parent’s divorce, which happened in December of 2013. The situation all began from my point of view when my dad had found on my mom’s phone messages from her to another guy. I was not living at home when this occurred, but my sister was and had told me, “dad left the house and I have no idea where he is.” My dad had told my mom, “to get a lawyer.” Because my dad had left the house and was staying at his sister’s house for several months, my mom was staying at the house on the farm with the two dogs. One day my mom and dad were having a normal, peaceful conversation together about the situation when all of a sudden the door bell rung and it was the RCMP. Someone who knows my mom from work was trying to get a hold of my mom, got worried my dad had done something, and jumped right to the thought she was in danger. From the result of the police coming to the house my dad was told not to come to the house anymore without my mom’s permission, even though it was my dad and mom’s house mutually. All throughout the time my dad was living with his sister, I had told my mom to move out of the house so dad could move back in and be able to take care of the yard and farm. My mom had told me she could not because her lawyer insisted her she had to stay. I feel the root cause of the divorce was my mother’s actions and the actions of this other guy trying to break up my parent’s marriage. I feel for many…

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