Description Of Interviewed Service Providers Essay

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1.1.2. Description of Interviewed Service Providers
Interviewed service providers represented a diverse group in terms of program activity. Over three-quarters (79%) of providers had experience with lighting projects, and about one-fifth (21%) had experience only with non-lighting projects. Two providers had new construction or retro-commissioning program experience. Service providers worked on a minimum of one and a maximum of 165 BizSavers projects in 2015 (Table 1.1 3).
Table 1.1 3 Number of Ameren Missouri BizSavers Projects per
Service Provider During 2015 (n = 56)
Service provider firms ranged widely in size, with one reporting more than 300 locations; over half (56%) had only one location, with about one-quarter (27%) reporting between two and five locations, and the remainder having more than five location. The number of employees also varied, from one to 1,500, with a median of fifteen. Service providers reported serving all areas of Ameren Missouri’s territory (Table 1.1 4).
Service providers reported working for a wide range of customer types, most commonly for office, industrial/manufacturers, and education (Figure 1.1 1).

Figure 1.1 1Service Provider Customer Sector/Building Types (n=56, Multiple Responses Allowed)
Service providers varied in the degree to which their work was focused on a limited number of customer types (e.g., office, industrial, and education) or distributed across many. One-fifth of providers said they do all their work for a single…

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