Description Of Deficient Performance : Essay

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Description of Deficient Performance:

The following is an Individualized Plan for Success that has been developed to ensure my successful matriculation in the Middle Level Education Program in the Spadoni College of Education at Coastal Carolina University. Through observations and interactions with the teacher candidate the following deficiencies of concern have been identified.

• Review understanding of Professional Behaviors and Dispositions
• Attendance and Punctuality
• Timely and thorough completion of all tasks and expectations
• Meet the deadlines for all paperwork as requested by your cooperating teacher, university supervisor, and Office of Clinical Experiences

Lesson Planning
• Be prepared to effectively implement all lessons
• Have written lesson plans based on the Middle Level Education lesson plan structure available to discuss with your cooperating teacher and university supervisor prior to the delivery of instruction and based on the set deadlines
• Demonstrate consistent time management and organizational strategies throughout all lessons and student-centered activities
• Demonstrate the ability to individually plan for instruction and assessment
• Plan for extra activities related to the content to assist early completer to remain on task
• Sequence lesson plans and aligned them to state standards and related instruction, activities, and assessments

Management and Discipline
• Work with your cooperating teacher pertaining to…

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