Description Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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Register to read the introduction… She is harsh with her words and seems to be both commanding and imperative in the way that she speaks. When she is threatening Betty, she uses dark and oppressive imagery such as her parent’s heads being smashed against a pillow, ‘reddish work’ which could also mean murders and something ‘terrible’ that could just happen to the girls’ in the black of some terrible night’. Her bullying behaviour can also be seen when she says ‘I can make you wish’ – a term often associated with bullies in other books and films alike. Minor sentences are used almost in a staccato which makes her dark oppressing words seem even more threatening, going also in line with Millers stage directions for Abigail to shake Betty …show more content…
Due to the context of the play; a time of deeply religious Puritan surroundings in New England Massachusetts, Miller includes lots of religious connotations and often uses Biblical language. With such strong Biblical links, Abigail Williams’ character can be seen to be similar to that of Jezebel in the Bible. In Christian lore, a comparison to Jezebel suggested that a person was a pagan or an apostate masquerading as a servant of God. By manipulation and/or seduction she misled the saints of God into sins of idolatry and sexual immorality. In particular Jezebel has come to be associated with promiscuity and in modern usage; the name of Jezebel is sometimes used as a synonym for sexually promiscuous and sometimes controlling women. The idea of Abigail being similar to Jezebel, links in as she is in fact manipulative and within the first act, we are told of Abigail’s affair with the married John Proctor, years her …show more content…
The idea of Abigail being vulnerable is possibly a reason for why she is so manipulative and dauntless. As we are introduced to Abigail we are made award that she is an ‘orphan’, Abigail later goes on to talk about seeing ‘Indians smash’ her ‘dear parent’s heads on the pillow’. As she has seen the worst, it may mean that Abigail feels the need to be self sufficient and strong as she has grown up with little or no love and lonely; typical of Puritan’s nature -and being a hard faced independent is in fact Abigail’s only option.

As a conclusion, we learn in the opening scene of The Crucible that Abigail holds an authority as a character within the play who is presented by Arthur Miller to be a typical bully; who presents threatening, selfish, intimidating and manipulative behaviour. We learn that Abigail has a capacity for strategy and an ‘endless capacity for dissembling’ making Abigail quite an intriguing character, a character to certainly watch throughout the later acts, as we are left to ponder, what exactly will Abigail do

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