Description Of A Teacher 's Guide Essay

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Description: Kevin is nine years old and he was born in America. His father, Qiang, took him to private a tutoring center and helped him finish his homework under teacher’s guide because Qiang didn’t understand English. In the beginning, Kevin was looking around ceaselessly while the teacher taught him. After his father strictly said, “pay attention to the teacher,” he stopped looking around. Later, his father left me to take care of him and he went to the restaurant. When Kevin found his father left him, he stopped working on his homework and played with his pencil while other children kept doing their homework. Even though the teacher persuaded him to work on his homework, he was not listening to the teacher’s advice, and he made faces to his teacher. When Kevin’s father came back and found Kevin wasn’t focused on his homework, he criticized Kevin in front of his classmates. Kevin continued to work on his homework silently. Finally, he finished his homework and he left the tutoring center with his head down.
Kevin shows that he does homework only under his father’s supervision.
Research Question: What, in Kevin’s developmental stages and processes, can help explain why he only concentrates on his homework under his father’s supervision? Stage: School Age Kevin is 9 years old. He is in the third grade in elementary school and he is in the School Age stage.
Soma Processes:
A. Psychosexual Mode: Latency
Kevin is in the Latency of his Psychosexual…

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