Description Of A Service Web Site Essay

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A service web site is used by companies to provide consumers with information in order to convince them to become a customer. When visiting a service web site, a consumer has the chance to review company information, read reviews and view a portfolio of pervious work. Service web sites are aimed to provide a personalized experience and fulfill each customer’s individual needs. Unlike ecommerce sales sites, service web sites build a relationship between the customer and company rather than a product. An example of a company with a service web site is Denver Window Painting. Denver Window Painting is an individually owned and operated window painting business that has been open for over 20 years in the Denver, Colorado area. The business provides personalized specialty window painted designs for a variety of holidays and special events. Each custom design is aimed to be fun, colorful and fit to customer specifications. The web site provides contact information, a privacy policy, a company description and a gallery of previously provided services. The company specifically specializes in the window painting service and does not provide any merchandise for purchase. Christina Tamarelli, a harpist from Detroit, Michigan has web site that provides information about her services. Christina Tamarelli began studying the harp at the age of eight, since then she has performed with the Cleveland Philharmonic and was the second harpist at the National Symphony. She has performed with…

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