Essay Description Of A Portrait Photography

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Portrait photography is intended to capture both physical likeness and the personality of the subject to create a visual keepsake that is often shared with others. Common requests for portrait photography include:
 Family and children photos
 Baby Pictures
 School Photos, including senior photos and graduation photos
 Couples
 Maternity Photos
 Birth Photos
Portrait photography is a pretty wide net and quite a few of the opportunities in this niche are available to you all year long and some definitely have a season, like graduation photos.
II. Head Shots
Professional head shots are always in demand, whether it’s needed by an actor, singer, or website. It is not the most exciting part of the event niche, but it is one that is in high demand. Clients who need head shots include actors, writers, musicians, models and business professionals like real estate agents may need head shots. For models and actors, a great head shot is as an absolute must. It can make the difference between getting the gig and just waiting for the phone to ring. Reach out to local talent agents, entertainment companies and modeling agencies and develop a relationship with them as they can be a great referral source if they like your work.
Here are 4 simple steps for shooting winning head shots:
 Draw attention the client’s eyes. You want your client to captivate viewers with their eyes.
 Enhance the feminine and masculine qualities of your clients. For women angle the camera down to make…

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