Description Of A Photo Essay

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1. Students write both to learn and to communicate what they learn- In this year’s class, we performed this goal on many assignments. An example in which we used this goal was the homework assignment which we had to look up and write about what we think a photo essay is and what makes it successful. I stated that a photo essay was a type of essay which tells a story uses photos and text. To make a photo essay successful, one must create a mood, be able to connect to the reader’s own life, etc. Though this assignment, I also learned that to make a photo essay successful, it must contain the writer’s own voice, experiences, and perspectives in order to show emotion for the reader.
2. Students negotiate their own writing goals and audience expectations regarding conventions of genre, medium, and situation- I used this goal when writing final reflection for the projects. One example in which I used this goal was in the final reflection for project 2. In the final reflection, I stated the genre of creating a successful photo essay was that the essay must evoke the reader’s emotions and must be able to connect to the audience (through their experiences, mood, etc.). Through this assignment, I discuss the issue of change and feeling anonymous when first leaving for college. The reason I choose this topic for my photo essay of home was to state that I am trying to search for a home at Northeastern. I also wanted to evoke the readers’ emotions and relate my experience with ones the…

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