Essay about Description Of A Pet Sitting Service

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My family was planning a vacation and we came across the question of who would take care of our pet dogs, Cuddles and Cutie and our Siamese cat, Sultan. We began researching pet sitting services because we thought leaving three pets with friends or neighbours would be an imposition. Much to our surprise we could not find any such service to our satisfaction. Leaving the pets in the care of the teenager next door was not an option this time. Finally, we decided that the rest of the family should go ahead and I would stay behind to look after the pets. Necessity is the mother of invention! That was when the idea struck me to start a pet sitting service.
Organizational Overview What we realized was that there were a few pet care services that were run on a small scale and that consistency and trust was lacking in the pet care business. We wanted to start a well-organised, professionally run chain of pet care services that owners could trust. We looked at our pet Cuddles and came up with the idea of calling my company, Cuddles Are Us. The name also gives the impression of being warm and caring. Next I wanted to tell the world why my organization exists so I came up with this mission statement:
Our pet sitting services gives you peace of mind when you are away from home, either in the comfort of your own home or in one of our exclusive pet hotels. Being alone can be tough on animals. Leave them in the care of caring professionals and you will come back…

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