Description Of A Old Girl Caucasian Girl Essay

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Description of Child: Amia is a 3 year old girl Caucasian girl. She has pale blonde hair with a slight curl that flipped out by her ears. Her skin was a pale, a fair complexion and she had piercing blue eyes. Her height is estimated to be about three foot 2 inches. She wore a pink dress, floral tights and sandals. During my observation she demonstrated how she can be outgoing with her friends but also quiet and reserved when she’s with herself. She also showed how she’s developing and how well.
Description of the Environment: The day of the observation was on Friday, October 21st at 11 o’clock A.M. at the Shasta College Early Childhood Education Center. I signed in and headed to what is called the “Observation Room.” It’s was a dark room with two big windows. One on the left and right side of the room. The back wall has a display of cameras where you can see hidden angles of the playroom and to the outside play yard. In front of the windows are seats so sit and observe the children in the playrooms. There’s a place to write as well as headphones to listen in on what’s going on in the playrooms. There were people in the room with me as well and we all sat there quietly and observed the children. While sitting in the seats in front of the window looking into the playroom I observed a big, colorful room. There were a few tables in the room and they were scattered with pencils, markers, various colored paper, and puzzles. In the right corner of the room there were cubbies…

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