Description Of A Golf Apparel Essay

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Guide to Golf Apparel
Golf is a popular outdoor sport. The attire you are wearing while playing is part of the sport’s tradition and etiquette. Golfers try to dress as best as they can for the game. Hence, trendy and comfortable golf apparel is a usual sight in the golf course. Players looking and feeling good are more likely to deliver remarkable performance. Moreover, it allows them to experience fun and enjoyment.
When deciding for the suitable golf wear, always consider the current weather and the regulations of the golf club. It should allow you to move freely and execute the golf swing. The following are the different golf apparel in golf:
• Head Gear
Baseball style caps and visors are the usual type of golf hats used by golfers. Their main purpose is to shield your face and head from sun’s ray during summer and to keep you warm during winter. A cloudy weather is not a guarantee that you will not get sunburn. Therefore, it is always safe to keep your hats ready when playing golf. Golf caps are available any time of the year. During winter, golfers can wear a beanie as a protective headgear.
• Polo Shirts
Golf course management prohibits wearing tank tops and t-shirts for its golfers. Most of the golf courses require its players to wear a collared shirt during the game. Golf polo shirts vary in color, sizes, and materials depending on your preferred brand. The style includes short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirt. Women wear the same style of polo shirt, but more fitted…

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