Description Of A Fan On The Western World Essays

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Your #1 Fan
Description: A Fan, you probably know one, or are one… And for generations, the western world has seen people fall under the admiration and desire to know more about pieces of pop culture, constituting them as ‘a fan’, from ‘Beatlemania’ to ‘Beliebers’ and everything in between. While the feelings may still be the same, how has the experience of being a fan changed? I talked to a fan, a creator and a publicist- three different people who have experiences in different angles on this new fandom phenomenon to get an idea on where we stand today.

Tala Kayyali – Fan – Her walls adorned with posters of her favorite films, she is a self-identified fan. She has started a small-scale film blog, and has presence on a multitude of social media platforms which she uses to stay up to date with the pieces of pop culture she follows.

Diana Liu– Creator – During her move from Russia to Korea she realized there was a lack of information in Russian about Korea, so she took it upon herself to document her experience on YouTube. Since 2012, she has gained over 15,000 subscribers total on her two channels with over 100 videos made.

Bonnie Allan – Publicist – Working in the Vancouver area as a publicist for over 18 years, Allan has had experience in marketing, sales communications and public relations in multiple fields within the arts, entertainment and business industries.

Hala Hawatmeh – Host – A first year media studies student at UBC who was essentially inspired to go…

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