Description Of A Dog Breed Essay

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Dog lovers are not only found in the countryside, people who live in the city love animals as well. Although city-dogs usually are acquired to fulfill companionship only, sometimes they are required to guard your home too. For a dog, it is more natural to be around his pack, since dogs are very social and do not tolerate being locked outside well. That is why it is probably much better for a dog in an apartment being around other people than to be a backyard pup, who is left outside and forgotten, bored and without human contact most of the time. So keeping a dog in an apartment should not be an issue for most of the breeds. But which are the ones that will adapt better to urban lifestyle? Let 's take a look. Which aspects are important when choosing a dog for downtown? City life tends to be more hectic, crowded and people have less time. The dog breed you choose therefore needs to be friendly, intelligent, easily trainable and should not be a hassle to walk with on busy streets crowded with people, kids and other pets. Nobody wants Fido to run back to you with a hand or a piece of chihuahua in his mouth instead of his tennis ball, or have you fly down the street at the end of the leash, right? Although socialization is vital for every single puppy, no matter what breed, there are dogs which tolerate other living creatures more by default. Dogs with great urban-capacities have to be comfortable living in even small apartments, should not like to hear their own voice too…

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