Describing People Essay

660 Words May 25th, 2011 3 Pages
Oral and Written Workshop - Mrs Nievas Graciela
Date: May 23th, 2011
Student: Chuichuy, D. Nicolás
Paper Nº 3 – Describing People - First Draft

A Kindly Child Oliver, my step son, is a young, good-hearted and kind boy. I first met him in a book shop years ago where he was forced to steal a handkerchief silk from my pocket; however, he was not the one who committed the pickpocket. At first glance you can see he is small and quite slim young man. He has got an oval face with bright blue eyes and a little mouth; furthermore, he has short brown straight hair. He is quite handsome, especially when he shows her bright smile. On the other hand,
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Moreover, she is the life and soul of a party, which makes her extremely sociable. Pointing out her tendency to be incredibly precise and insistance an perfection. Some people claim she may seem quick-tempered but in reality deep down, she is really an amiable person.

Public places their real "work" when Dawkins picks the pocket of a gentleman. When the gentleman, Mr. Brownlow, realizes he is being robbed, Oliver is mistaken for the pickpocket. And he is then chased, captured and taken to the police
Oliver is noted for having an especially innocent looking face,
Brownlow. Oliver collects his inheritance and is adopted by Brownlow
Oliver’s incorruptible undermines although he is raised in corrupt surroundings, his purity and virtue are absolute.

Lily really deserves admiration due to her ambition and optimism. She shows people how to be a better person. I hope our friendship will never end.
Mary is as beautiful as a Hollywood star. Her thick, wavy, long black hair gracefully falls down to her shoulders and encircles her diamond-shaped face. A golden suntan usually brings out her smooth, clear complexion and high cheek bones. Her slightly arched chestnut brown eyebrows highlight her emotions by moving up and down as she reacts to her world around her. Her large deep blue eyes, remind me of a lake on a stormy day. Her curved nose gives her little girl look that makes me want to smile when she talks. And her mouth is a small

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