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Canada: The Defining Moments of a Nation
A defining moment is the point at which, a situation is clearly seen to undergo a change. Canada, as a growing nation, has encountered many defining moments throughout it's history. During the twentieth century women of Canada have undergone numerous moments that brought about significant changes for themselves. The most prominent moments, which brought about the most change and significance are: the persons case of 1928, the women's liberation movement throughout the 1960's and 70s and the ratification of the Treaty for Rights of Women (CEDAW) in 1981. These three events in Canada's history brought about many crucial changes for the woman of Canada. After woman won the persons case in 1929, Canada
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It was no surprise these women are known today as the "famous five." Prior to this defining moment, women were not considered legal persons in the matters of rights and privileges. However, when they won their case women were considered legal persons and now had the same rights and privileges of any man. Before this time in history, women were not eligible to run or hold public office. It was simply not allowed under the British North American Act. The word "persons" excluded woman and "all nouns, pronouns and adjectives in the British North American act where masculine, and that was who was meant to govern Canada." The triumph of the persons case allowed women to become appointed senators of Canada and members of federal bodies. In 1930 the first female senator, Carnie Wilson, was appointed by Prime Minister Mackenzie King. Today 229 members of parliament are women. The persons case also gave women hope. The persons case brought about numerous significant changes for women, and can be considered a defining moment for the women of Canada.
By 1960 women's rights groups were showing up all over Canada. The women's movement had begun. In 1966 thirty-two different women's groups from across Canada came together to for the Committee for the Equality of Women in Canada. Within a year the committee forced the government to launch a Royal Commission on the Status of Women. The journalist Florence Bird who covered the story, submitted a report a few years

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