Describing A Larger Conversation By The United States Of America

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Describing a Larger Conversation The United States of America, the land of the free and the land where people from all different parts of the world are still dreaming to live in. that is the standard America has put itself upon where different sorts of people who are deprived of their own freedom, business opportunities, education, and equality are taken away from. These social outcasts are desperately striving to achieve the dream of living in America, the country of the great, just, and free. To some people in the world, it would probably be heaven to live in such a country that provides equal opportunities to all its citizens and to other people, a long life achievement to live in a country where pollution is nearly nowhere to be seen, crime rates at its lowest percentage, and an economy at its finest. Yet, what is the true nature and situation for the people who are already living inside the utopia-like country that so many people from around the globe, especially third world countries, would do anything to enter, or even sneak themselves into, the paradise that most outsiders seem to believe? Is it truly a paradise where inequality is absent and business opportunities is still possible? Where freedom and equality of choice is a possibility for every single man and woman? Or is it just a pipe dream, a false advertisement to show the naivety of the people of the world and to cover America’s weakness. Within the United States of America, a growing concern within its

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