Describing The American Dream Research Paper

Describing a Larger Conversation The United States of America, the land of the free and the land where people from all different parts of the world are still dreaming to live in. that is the standard America has put itself upon where different sorts of people who are deprived of their own freedom, business opportunities, education, and equality are taken away from. These social outcasts are desperately striving to achieve the dream of living in America, the country of the great, just, and free. To some people in the world, it would probably be heaven to live in such a country that provides equal opportunities to all its citizens and to other people, a long life achievement to live in a country where pollution is nearly nowhere to be seen, …show more content…
Within the United States of America, a growing concern within its economy is the effects of inequality on the American Dream. The American Dream is the definition of success for the American People, where a person can start out dirt poor and yet can find him/herself successful through hard work and dedication. However, that has not been the case till today’s time of economic struggle. Ever since the Great Recession people have lost jobs, lost their savings, and even lost their livelihood. But even after the horrible effect of the recession, America was still able to pick itself up and continue living on and earn a livelihood. The only difference before and after the recession is the definition of the American Dream has seemed to change. It is no longer an achievement to be rich through hard, dedicated work, but instead being able to at least sustain a stable job or being able to live in a decent apartment with a good neighborhood, this is especially true to the working middle class. The working middle class, in this time and age, is a struggling economic class where people are constantly being wary of its future. They no longer care for a very rich life but only to live decently with their families

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