Describe the Tasks That Support the Functional Areas in an Organisation

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Businesses have many functional areas, these are important in ensuring the business runs efficiently. Here I have described 4 functional areas that most large businesses and organizations should have.
1. Human Resource Management (HR). This is the management of a business’s workforce or people. It is responsible for several things including the selection, training and assessment of employees, making sure that employment and labour laws are complied with and ensuring the leadership of the company overseen properly. In smaller companies the HR department may just be a few trained staff, but in larger organizations there will be a whole department focussed on HR.
2. Customer services is the provision of services to customers both before
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For example, the stock control and checkout department work together. When food is scanned through the checkouts a record is kept of what has been bought. This is then given to the stock control department so they know exactly what has left the store and therefore what else needs to be ordered in and put out onto the shelves to keep stock levels correct. Without this stock control would have a massive job going round the store and working out what needs to be ordered and replacing. This would not be an efficient process as they would miss things or too much of a product would be ordered meaning that there is a lot left over.
Another example of this is at QE School. There are different faculties at QE as well as different year groups, however members of staff must work together sometimes to benefit the student and ensure the school and lessons are running efficiently. For example if a student is miss-behaving in a science lesson the science faculty would get involved to discipline and punish the student accordingly, if this does not improve the situation the head of year would be brought in to work with the science faculty in sorting out the problem efficiently so lessons can go on as normal with minimal disruption to other students and teachers. Without good teamwork and communication between functional areas, each functional areas jobs and tasks would be much harder to complete and they would not be completed as quickly and efficiently as they are when

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