Describe The Relationship Between Certainty And Doubt Research Paper

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The relationship between certainty and doubt is a strong one that affects our life in big ways. This relationship can be described as constantly feeling certain but also needing a little bits of doubt to keep things tangible, realistic, while still remaining confident. To start, always have a little self doubt in order to keep things realistic. If I said I wanted to live on Mars, there would be some doubt that I could achieve this dream because living on Mars is not realistic at this point in time. But along with these small amounts of doubt should come great amounts of certainty. If I really, really wanted to live on Mars, then I could work extremely hard and eventually train to be an astronaut for NASA. This more realistic option may not …show more content…
This is the main way our schools prepare us for the next stages of our lives. Counselors are constantly asking us philosophical questions to make us really think about where we are going and how we are going to get there. They don’t just ask us these questions to be pushy or because it’s their jobs, they ask us these tough questions in the hopes that we will plan out our futures with certainty and achieve everything we can. On the other hand, having doubt doesn’t make you a pessimist either. This just means that you are able to plan even more in order to prevent these doubts from coming a reality. In a way, doubt is like motivation. For example, if the night before a math test, you don’t think you’ll pass, the thoughts of what will happen when you don’t pass start swirling around in your mind. How much your grade will go down, that your parents will ground you, and the embarrassment when your teacher is handing out the tests and passes yours back face down. After all these thoughts hopefully it will motivate you to take that extra hour normally spent playing video games and use it to study for this dreaded math tests just to prove all your doubts wrong.
Overall, the relationship between doubt and certainty is a very important relationship to our everyday lives. It is key to have the perfect ratio of both in your life to keep things both tangible and realistic but to have enough certainty in your abilities to make things happen. Certainty is a beautiful confidence and you know what they say, confidence is

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