Describe the importance of continuing professional dev Essay

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2.2 Continuing professional Development is a fundamental part of Teachers educational as only a Continuing Learning and training reassures a high level of knowledge and allows Teachers to keep their professional skills and knowledge up to date, examples of CPD consist of:
• Work based learning
• Informal or practical learning, which takes place round life and work experience
• Peer mentoring on job-shadowing
CPD gives a new knowledge what may help us to deal with new or complicated situation, can also keep us to complete our goals. It also helps with keeping up to date with the latest Teaching techniques, regular reviews of procedures and practices, such as first aid and Child Protection.
Continuing professional development increase
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The main team purpose of team works:
• to provide a safe emotional environment for children
• to motivate children to use their full intellectual potential
• to support and respect one another

In my setting there are a number of purposes and objectives of the team in which they work.
The purpose and means towards aim and goals, the objective we are trying to achieve is to help all children to achieve their English, Maths and reading.
To prepare them to year 2, provide them with all round curriculum for year 1, assist in development and passion for learning and happiness in school and also safety atmosphere.
The values form the foundation of the curriculum the following are our nine Hampton values:
• Expectations
• Collaboration
• Independence
• Reflection
• Resilience
• Risk taking
• Creativity
• Enjoyment
• Aspiration
Building positive relationships with peers and staff, the three aims at the school are:
Successful- with an appetite for learning, lifelong passion for learning where they make progress and achieve.
Confident- live safe healthy and rewarding lives
Responsible-making a positive contribution to our diverse and changing society.
Giving general support within a specific class or department. Within a primary school the purpose of the Teacher assistant is to work with the class teacher and in many cases with other adults and assistants who work

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