Essay On Nurse Fatigue

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Abstract Fatigue is a state of exhaustion that interferes with a person’s ability to perform at their best both physically and mentally. People that are fatigue have decreased energy, decrease reaction time, mood alterations, and impaired judgment. Nursing fatigue is a growing problem due to nurses working longer hours, having no breaks during shifts, and caring for complex patients during 12-hour shifts. Nurses tended to stay longer than what they are scheduled to work as they often have to play catch up on documentation and to give report to in coming shift. The problem can be worse because nurses have the most direct contact with patients, and fatigue can cause them to make costly mistakes that can injure patients. Nursing fatigue is a growing problem due to nurses working …show more content…
Just imagine how dangerous this is. Ojective Factors that put nurses at risk for fatigue. Understand that fatigue prevents nurses from performing their duties to the fullest capacity. Describe the impact of nurse fatigue on patient safety. To adopt management tools and strategies to reduce nurse fatigue. Nurse will be introduced on ways to reduce nurse fatigue. There will be significantly reduction in nurse fatigue Rationale for Project Nurses must be able to think critically at all times. When nurses are tired serious harm can occur to patients. Fatigue can be exacerbated with increased numbers of shifts worked without a day off. Important for nurses to take breaks while working a 12-hour shift. Nurses work long shifts, and very few have the opportunity to take break. They also have less recovery time between their shifts. Their actual time on shift can be unpredictable as they often have to stay longer pass their shift to catch up on missing paperwork and to give report. This can lead to negative outcomes for both the nurse and the

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