Describe The Development Tasks And Interventions For The Eight Stages Of Human Development

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1. Describe the development tasks and interventions for the eight stages of human development. Choose 3 of the stage and give examples of how this staged is accomplished.
The first stage of development is Basic Trust versus Basic Mistrust, which begins from birth to age 1 ½. The task involves the development to trust in his or her parents and the environment in which their living within. The interventions children within this age is affections and the consistent care from their parents in order for the child to grow a bond with others.
The second stage of development is Autonomy versus Shame and Doubt, which is from ages 1 ½ to 3. This stage revolves around children trying to be in control while also trying to maintain control of the environment. The best interventions within this age is children learning to trust themselves and learning to be successful in doing things on their own. Most children, who are usually punished or needs to be restrained overtime development shame and doubt in their lives.
The third stage is Initiative and Guilt that range in age from 3 to 6. Children begin to develop a sense of guilt, when things are not done right. They begin to not be comfortable when things are not going the right way for them. This development can lead to the interventions of children learning to take a leadership role and begin to set rules in place to carry out assignments. Also, negative behavior should be corrected with discipline in a caring way. Children are…

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