Describe Six Features Of An Effective Total Rewarding Program Analysis

Register to read the introduction… Motivating individuals in a certain way to toward specific behavior can be challengeable work for employers. Individuals behave in certain way to satisfy their needs. The key here is to figure out what is the best rewarding program that meet your employees’ needs, satisfied them, and direct their attitudes to attract highest number of clients. Some features could help employers to design and implement effective rewarding program. 1. Focus on Alignment: successful companies that reach high performing are a result of aligning employee’s behaviors with the company goals than lower performing companies (WorldatWork). 2. Ask employees what they want: companies that have successful rewarding program are the companies that use their input and what their employees value to shape and design their rewards program. When employees get what they value this will motivate, retain, and attract them. 3. Measure and Manage Cost and Risk: creating balance between effectiveness and cost make a successful rewards plan. Companies also need to manage and identify total rewards- related risk. For example, companies should have a plan to manage funding risk related to defined benefit or stock plans. In addition, they need to be preparing if the plan did not motivate …show more content…
Make Communication and Education a Priority: total rewards work effectively when the employees support and understand them. Poor communication may result in affecting employee’s choices from selecting the right rewards.

Describe the behaviors of the sales force that are targeted with the compensation plan.
For an organization to be effective, it must tackle the motivational challenges involved in arousing individuals’ desires to be productive members of the organization. Successful compensation plan is the one that direct individual’s behaviors to perform the tasks for which they were hired. The question of exactly what it takes to motivate individual to work has received a great deal of attention.

Starbucks the coffee retailer has one of the most successful compensation plans that achieve high level of performance. Howard Schultz the CEO of Starbucks believe that Starbucks is motivational program enable it to remain an attractive place to work. Alicia Caceres and other leaders at Starbucks say that their greatest challenge is to attract, develop, and manage a worldwide workforce (Slocum H,
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According to Southern, these benefits provide a meaningful incentive for partners particularly those who working as part-time to stay with the company. Additionally it reduces Starbucks’s recruiting and training cost.

Based upon the type of plan you have created; indicate how attracted you think future salespeople may be to this plan. In order to attract future sales workforce you need to provide an attractive motivating plan. Starbucks’s motivating plan achieved a great success and influenced its salesperson’s attitude towards successful performance that considers one of the major causes of the company’s success. The reason that make the Starbucks motivated plan worked because it has been targeted and designed for specific type of salespersons, and offering them what they are looking for. Future salespeople will be attracted to such positive plan that satisfies their needs and life style. In conclusion, effective motivating sales force, compensation is crucial. Great numbers of theoretical prediction about effectiveness of various rewards plans; little has been done empirically.

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