Describe Personality And What Personality Is Essay examples

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There are many ways to describe personality and what personality is. Addition to what I read was that everyone has different thinking for example like Lesley might think oh that boy probably likes me. When in reality her friend Samantha was thinking oh no that doesn’t mean that boy likes you because if he did he would be with you. It has to do with your action to how you act to certain things. For example John buys a root beer soda but his friend Tyler has never had root beer soda. Tyler tries a little bit of it and spits it out with an ugly face, saying “this is nasty”. Then John would say what are you talking about? This is good with a smile in his face. We all think and act differently and that is what makes some of our personality. Feelings is another one. Selene cries during a romance movie but Martha doesn’t. Everyone is different. There is more to write about feeling, acting and thinking. So just ask yourself how am I? How do I act towards things and how people think? To make the person think, there is a positive and negative traits in personality. How may your personality affect others? Is it a good way or bad way? A good way might be Carla is friendly and people like to be with Carla because she always try’s to make the best out of it with a smile and saying good stuff. A bad way is when Luis is behaving badly and starts being rude to you and saying bad comments no one likes to be close to a person that is always negative. We would be nothing without our…

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