Personal Narrative: Beautiful Lively

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Beautiful. Clever. Lively. These are all terms that could be used to describe my mom, Michelle. Although she only stands at 5’2” if you challenge my mom on a issue without facts she will come after you with a fury that shines bright in her blue eyes. But when I sat down with my mom for an interview on a cloudy Seattle saturday, I began to see a different side of this woman I had looked up to my whole life; I saw a woman who had gone to struggles just like me. As she pauses and thoughtfully answers each question, I began to get to know what her life was like before she got pregnant with me, or even before she met my dad in college. I get to know the teenager who went by Shelly, who grew up in a suburb of Portland, Oregon called Milwaukie. I …show more content…
. . in my typing class, I think she could tell I was sad.” This girl, Jackie, invited Shelly to lunch with her it turned out Jackie sat with a whole bunch of people who shared Shelly’s interests. She knew some of the kids in this diverse friend group from junior high but some she had never met. “It was a group of friends I am still in touch with now” Michelle smiled as she described the individuality of each person, “one of the girls was the school president, another was a yearbook editor, I was on the dance team.” Slowly but surely she began to fit in with these people, she became happier, brighter, and livelier. She began to find her place in her high school. Gone were Cherry and Rhonda’s mean comments, she was with a group of people who loved her for who she …show more content…
They used to go see a movie called Rocky Horror Picture Show, “everyone would go at midnight and watch . . . My dad, he would be like, ‘Why are you going to see this movie for the seventh time’” Michelle said with a smile, as she recalled these events she laughed at all of the fun things she did with her friends. “There were a couple of girls I would always . . . go shopping together with”. Shelly had many fun times with this group. They went to football games together, as well. Shelly had found her place in the complex high school social food chain and she right where she wanted to

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