Describe How Current Counselling and Psychotherapy Practices Emerged from Psychiatry and Psychology.

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Discuss how current counselling and psychotherapy practice emerged from psychiatry and psychology. Use critical evaluation of theoretical evidence to support discussion points. 2, Analyse the similarities and differences between psychotherapy and counselling practices using evidence, aims and objectives relevant to practice and therapeutic need.

Counselling and psychotherapy are very different areas of speciality than psychiatry or psychology. Yet it is from these two health practices that counselling and psychotherapy practice emerged. The emergence and beginning of this takes us back initially to 1887, when the specialism of psychotherapy emerged in psychiatry. In the nineteenth century there was a general shift towards science and
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His theory of personality has a much wider base and in this sense his approach to psychoanalysis is quite different from the orthodox position” ( p.96, Counselling Skills and Theory 3rd Edition, Margaret Hough, Hodder Education, 2010)

He stated that the one part of our personality (Jung named it the collective unconscious) is made up of archetypes (models) which contain our experiences, “so in isolation of these experiences they are nothing” (Level 4 Counselling and Psychotherapy Course book, 2012)

Archetypes are images that present in symbolic form. There are many of them but Jung described only a few in detail. These are: the mother, mana, shadow, persona and anima & animus. The mother archetype “is said to be a reflection of the human evolutionary environment enabling an innate ability to recognize relationships” (Level 4 Counselling and Psychotherapy Course book, 2010). The mana archetype is that image of perfection and pushes us to find meaning in our lives. It is a spiritual symbol. The shadow archetype is the so-called evil part of our personality, and is the fundamental reason why cruel acts are committed in the world. It evolved from a pre-human existence, so in essence it has always ‘been there’. The persona describes the way we present ourselves to the world, how we wish others to see us. It does not mean we are portraying our true

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