Describe Four Of The Six Factors Which Distinguish Successful Teams Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Second the leader needs to find out if those behaviors are being rewarded, punished or ignored. Often time’s leaders will ignore or reward behaviors that they are trying to stop. It is important to recognizes this and reward appropriate behaviors. Third, leaders need to know what their followers consider a reward or punishment. This is necessary in order to properly affect an employee’s behavior. People want different things, so one reward that is right for one, may not be right for another. Fourth, it is important to maintain equity when dispensing individual rewards. The followers must feel like they are being treated equally. Fifth, leaders can be imaginative in their use of rewards and punishments, they are not necessarily bound by the company’s policies, with some ingenuity leaders can think of many different rewards to use that are cheap and effective. And last, leaders need to be responsible with their use of this operant approach. Many times unwanted behaviors are rewarded and the hoped for behaviors fall by the …show more content…
Describe four of the six factors which distinguish successful teams. (8 points) 1) Clear mission and high performance standards. Everyone needs to know what the goals are and have a clear understanding of that and what they need to do to achieve the goal. 2) Leaders need to take stock of all available resources for their team to be able to accomplish the mission. These include equipment, training facilities, opportunities and outside resources. Leaders need to assess the technical skills of their team members. They then need to secure those resources, plan and organize in order to make the best use of the resources. 3) High levels of communication are required for a team to be affective. The level of communication helps members stay focused on the mission and take advantage of the skills and other resources available. 4) High levels of communication also help to minimize any personal conflicts that may arise within the team. Conflict will happen, it is important to know and understand this so that when it happens it can be dealt with in an appropriate

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