Describe at Least One Conflict in the Written Text. Explain Why the Conflict Was Important to the Text as a Whole.

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In the short text Her First Ball written by Katherine Mansfield one conflict that arose was when the fat man tried to put down Leila by telling her that she will lose her youth one day and all of the things she enjoys now will be hopeless when she is old. Leila had a hard time overcoming this conflict as she took the fat man’s words quite harshly. Leila was caught in a dilemma between listening to the fat man or ignoring him. However Leila was able to overcome this conflict by moving on and forgetting what the old man had told her. Leila had done this because she realised that even though what the fat man had said might be true; in the sense that she will grow up one day. But Leila realised that since that day isn’t tomorrow, she knew that …show more content…
She didn’t even recognize him again.”. The way that Leila had overcome the challenge of conflict showed me that when someone tells you something you mustn’t take it to heart, as it might just be said to bring you down. The text teaches me that conflict mustn’t linger on to torment you, and that you must overcome it and move on with your life. The idea of Leila overcoming the challenge of conflict can relate to our own lives, because sometimes people can say spiteful things to you that may seem to be harsh reality, but we must overcome this because those people are only trying to bring you down.

The conflict that Leila experiences; which is the fat man telling Leila that she wouldn’t be young forever shows that it is important to not listen to everyones opinion. In the text Leila experiences her first ball; a rite of passage into adulthood. However Leila faces a conflict between her and the fat man. He tells her that in the what seems to be the near future she will become old and miserable. “And these pretty arms will have turned into short fat ones...’ The fat man seemed to shudder”. After the fat man had said this to Leila, Leila takes the fat mans harsh words to heart. Leila started to face a dilemma; whether to listen to the fat mans words or just ignore him. After some deep thinking, Leila overcome the conflict by realising that the fat man’s words isn’t something she should take to heart.

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