Describe and evaluate 2 approaches to the treatment of self-defeating behaviours.

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Describe and evaluate 2 approaches to the treatment of self-defeating behaviours.”

Self defeating behaviours are present in every person on earth once they have developed enough and are able to copy, consequently our parents and siblings contribute In this essay I intend to describe what self defeating behaviours are, how they arise and describe how cognitive behaviour therapy and/or a person centred approach can be helpful in treating the client who presents for therapy to make changes to their lives. What is a self defeating behaviour? One definition of self defeating behaviour is “any deliberate or intentional behaviour that has clear, definitely or probably negative effects on the self or on the self’s projects”
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Again trade off seems to be the destructive behaviour used by most men and woman. It appears that these behaviours are repeated over and over because the subconscious has stored them as the norm When our mind is confronted with a possible distressing situation tension is experienced an action occurs to prevent further distress which in turn reduces the tension. A coping strategy has been learned this is shared with the subconscious in case of future exposure thus an instant solution is available. The strategy may not be the most appropriate way of dealing with an issue but the desired result of reducing tension has occurred so the subconscious will now have this strategy instantly available. We have just learned a self defeating behaviour. For example an argument between parents is observed the child leaves the room. From then on whenever there is conflict the individual will run from it which will result in unresolved issues never allowing the individual to challenge and fight for their rights. The reasons we perpetuate self defeating behaviours can be broken down into 4 main reasons (Year 2 Module 5 pp8-16)
• Minimising Effect – Taking away the option of choosing a healthy action for instance Ostrich Syndrome when we hide our head in the sand to

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