Describe A Typical Day

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Register to read the introduction… Tamika’s face never seemed to go away as she began to explain her typical day to me. As Mrs. Tamika started describing her job to me, I realized how much she really did love her job. When asked to describe a typical day this is what Mrs. Tamika said, “Well I arrive at work at 7:45 a.m., but i don’t clock in until 8:00 a.m. The reason why we get there early is so we can socialize. I have to say hello to everyone! That starts my morning off perfectly”. After leaving the room where she clocks in, Mrs. Tamika makes her way to the Landry Hall. Next, Mrs. Tamika begins her tasks that she repeats throughout the day. The first thing she does in the morning is survey the bathrooms. She has to make sure there is toilet paper in each bathroom, make sure there is plenty of soap, and then clean the sinks. Her next task consists of making sure the halls of Landry are “squeaky” clean. Her third job of the day is to empty the trash cans. Throughout each day Mrs. Tamika repeats these steps several times happy as can be with no …show more content…
Tamika described her typical day to me, I began to question her about the pros and cons of being a janitor. When I asked Mrs. Tamika about the pros of her job she was quick to answer with her main reason being the fact that she loves the students. Mrs. Tamika could not stop talking about how much she enjoys seeing the new faces of all the kids. She said, “If it weren’t for the kids in the halls I would not enjoy or have my job at Tom Landry”. Another thing Mrs. Tamika likes about her job is the breaks she gets to take. Throughout her day she gets three 30 minute breaks. These give her a chance to visit with her friends, talk to some of the students and get some fresh air. I then asked Mrs. Tamika to tell me the cons of her job. It surprised me that she was at a loss of words. She then told me that there were no cons. I was shocked when I heard her say that. I expected to hear something along the lines of cleaning the toilets or picking up after dirty college students. When I told this to Mrs. Tamika she laughed while saying, “Those things are my job. I knew what I was getting myself into when I applied to work at Tom Landry as a janitor and I love it. I’m here because I want to be here”. Mrs. Tamika went on to say that she has had plenty of other opportunities to work elsewhere but would rather stay at Tom Landry and continue working as a

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