Descent Into Desperation Analysis

Descent into Desperation
Something about the film that didn’t necessarily surprise me, but was new information to me was the post-partum psychosis. We haven’t talked about post-depression in lecture yet, but I have obviously heard of this in the past. I have never really heard about post-partum psychosis, though. I was surprised at how severe the psychosis can become. For example, the first mother of the first woman discussed in the film found writing’s on her daughter’s desk about the devil. I just never realized how severe the depression could get, and how it could lead to the mom becoming psychotic.
I really liked the juxtaposition between the interviews with the moms and families, and the commentary of the physicians. This allowed me to
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I think this is because hearing their mothers and husbands talk about them and what happened was very difficult to watch. In both cases, the women were so excited to become pregnant and have children. It was disturbing to see how much each of their moods changed after the birth of their children. I can’t imagine being a family member to someone who goes through something like that. The first mom they talked about had very sever post-partum psychosis. She was hospitalized several times, but none of the treatments worked and she eventually killed herself by jumping off the roof of a hotel. It was difficult to see her mother talk about the fact that she didn’t really know what was going on with her daughter, and that she was even slightly ashamed of it. The mother and husband of that woman have since created a foundation in her memory to assist those who are going through the same struggles. I remember clearly the second woman who committed suicide clearly because she did it while under the watch of her mother. While her mom was on the phone with the doctor to get her daughter some help, the daughter left and jumped in front of a train. I can’t imagine how guilty her mom must have felt in that moment. She talked about how she dropped the phone once she realized her daughter was not actually going to the store, but going somewhere to die. These two stories were very heartbreaking to me.
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I would warn her to watch it with an open mind, and not allow it to frighten her. It might be a little scary watching this movie about women who have killed themselves or their children after delivery. I would definitely be scared if I watched this while I was pregnant, but I think it is important for women to know that this is something that could happen to them. I would want my friend to see that depression is not too uncommon, and I would want her to know what resources were available. I would not want her to end up like one of the moms who kills themselves or harms their baby. This film does a good job of explaining what can happen during post-partum depression or psychosis, and what the woman and her family can do to help treat

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