Essay about Descartes 's Views On Dreams And Reality

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In the mediations, Descartes is searching for new opinions because he discovered that his former beliefs were false. He realized this by understanding that his original fundamental ideology was incorrect. Therefore, Descartes decide to raze his old beliefs from the foundations if he wants to discover anything scientific. Since Descartes needs to prove all of his opinions false, if he finds a reason to doubt his opinions, he will. He does this since it is impossible to questions every single opinion. Furthermore, Descartes decided to pick apart his foundations from his sense first. Descartes first questions if the senses can be doubted. Descartes suggests that the majority of his initial truths came from or through his senses. However, Descartes suggest that he is occasionally deceived by his senses. From this, Descartes states that one cannot place their trust in those who have deceived them. Therefore, we cannot learn the truth from our senses. Descartes greatest example of this is in dreams. Descartes reasons that one cannot tell the difference between dreams and reality, since our senses can be tricked either way. His example of this is that it is impossible to prove whether or not he is asleep (Descartes 14). Moreover, Descartes explains that it is impossible to know whether or not his body and mind are truly his. However, why can simple arithmetic and geometry be doubted? Descartes reasons that nothing can truly be originally. Therefore, sciences like physics,…

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