Essay on Descartes 's View On The Existence Of God

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Descartes often referred to as the “Father of Modern Philosophy” acquired his status by methods of reasoning to attain knowledge through one of his most influential philosophical writings Meditations on First Philosophy. One of the most pronounced and skeptical pieces from the mediations is Meditation III: “Of God: that He exist” where he tries to prove the existence of God, and his existence through God. I will be examining Descartes’s proof through its premises and conclusion as well as explain my reasoning for agreeing with the argument on the existence of God. Descartes’s first premise of the existence of God is “ I have an idea of God” which first means that he has an idea of an infinite perfect being. With this he realizes that the idea of God must have more objective reality than formal reality. As he thinks that God is infinite, than he knows he is finite, and through this he realizes that the idea of God being this way could not of been provoked through his mind but through God himself. And as concluded in Meditation II, Descartes now knows he exists through thinking, he is a thinking thing. With this, he knows his thoughts have meaning and reasons for being there. These thoughts lead up to the existence of God, because he believes that a non-perfect being could not of created him in such a way. His second premise within the proof of the existence of God is “there must be at least as much formal reality in the cause of an idea as there is an objective reality in…

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