Descartes 's The Cartesian Dualist View Essay

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Descartes thinks that the mind is better known than the body. However I do not believe that is accurate, I believe this because Descartes seems to make a mistake in regards to how the mind and the body are perceived. He thinks that they are distinctly different, and that the mind is better known. This is a false assumption that will be explored throughout the duration of this paper. Descartes famously defended the Cartesian dualist view. This view being that the mind and body are separate. They are separate in terms of substance, because they share no property with one another. Descartes first proposed the idea of doubting existence. He touched on the idea that he could doubt that his physical experiences, that his body was really there. But he believed that simply because he was thinking, his mind exists. He believed that even if the world was an illusion, but a person actually having thoughts cannot be faked. The senses can be altered and deceived, which means that the body could not actually exist. This culminated towards his argument that the mind and body are separate, and that the mind itself is better known than the body. The Cartesian dualist view is that the thing referred to as the mind has more parts than just the brain.
Descartes believes that the mind is better known than the body. This is an incorrect view which attributes to a weakness in his overall argument. Descartes argument that the mind is better known than the body is a basic idea he uses to approach a…

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