Descartes Vs Hume Vs. Hume Essay

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Sheyla Vera
Phil 106
Fall 2015
Descartes vs Hume
Even though all philosophers claim to have different set of ideas and theories they all basically begin questioning the same thing. From one’s existence, gods existence, and the existence of the soul apart from the body. They all, in some way or another, have argued whether or not another philosopher’s theories are valid or not. When this happens we, as the readers, see the flaws that the previous theory had and then the possible flaws another philosopher might make when argue on the validity of a theory. Hume and Descartes are two philosophers who have argued on how we have come to know what we claim is truth in reference to knowledge, amongst other ideas pertaining to the mind.
Hume’s theory on the mind and those things in relation to the mind and our knowledge is that we have come to know things through experience. Impressions, according to Hume are simply vibrant sensations that are experienced either innately or physically. Hume says that we may find all of our ideas have come from or is a copy of a previous impression that we have experienced. He goes on to say that if someone is to disagree with this then to have them think of an idea that does not originate or remind them of a prior experience. Another point Hume makes in regards to this theory is that how can someone who has never experienced love form ideas of it in their mind. This is not to say that it is impossible it is just harder for the person to relate to…

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