Descartes ' Mind Body Dualism Essay

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Descartes’ idea that the mind and body are separate is called the “mind-body dualism”. Dualism is the state of being divided, meaning that our mind as humans, and our body are not used as one, but accent each other to make us what we are. He has different arguments in Meditations On First Philosophy that the mind is its own thing and different than the body and brain. He reassures that the mind, as we know, is a thing we use to think and the body is not what we use to think. Therefore, making them two completely separate things. He states that the mind cannot be shaped or motioned and the body cannot sense things like the mind can, therefore, making the mind pretty much “invisible” and isolated from the body. There is no real thing or experience that can prove the mind existing without the body. There is no truth, so that is why people think Descartes theory is amiss. It goes along with his “Clear and Distinct” in The Third Meditation perception that nothing is proven true unless it is perceived clearly and markedly. According to Descartes, our body and brain are physical and physically, provably there and our mind is the “thinker”. Descartes thinks that is it possible that the mind and the body can function and be something without the other since physical and nonphysical are two different things. For example, an object can exist alone. But when it comes to the mind and body, many think otherwise. Many think our mind is what makes our body function, but Descartes thinks…

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