Descartes Is Most Famous For His Promotion Of The Cartesian Dualism

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Descartes is most famous for his promotion of the Cartesian dualism. However there are many alluring subjects that arises during his meditations, and the problem of other minds is one of them. This essay will answer the question how does Descartes arrive at the problem of other minds in the second mediation, and does he offer an adequate solution to it. This essay will be separated into two sections, the first section will comment on how Descartes uses the method of doubt to arrive at the problem of other minds. The second will analyze Descartes ' solution and evaluate its adequacy.

Descartes has established his method of doubt in the first meditation. He realizes there were a lot of faults in his previous beliefs. Therefore he seeks a method that ensures the truth, which allows him to understand ideas clearly and distinctly. But the senses are deceptive and therefore should not be completely trusted. Descartes then goes on to question the reality. Through the examples of dreams and madness, he realized that he does not have a clear idea of reality and thus the existence of his world was in doubt. Descartes claims that his creator is so powerful that he may be deceived of the simplest of mathematic problems. It leaves him no choice but to extend his doubt to all disciplines of science and every aspect of life.

Under the established basis that nothing is certain, Descartes continues with the second meditation and tries to understand his own existence. As his body is in…

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