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Descartes Mind and Body
Descartes believes in the separation of mind and body. He believes the mind and body are two individual objects. Descartes believes in the substance dualism of our mind and bodies. There are many reasons that support the mind and body could be connected.
Before Descartes separates the mind and body he realizes that he exists. Descartes doubts his existence throughout most of his writings. He comes to the realization that he is real through his line “I think therefore I am.” This is his most popular line. He is a thinking thing because he doubts, understands, affirms, denies, wills, refuses and also imagines and senses. His thoughts cannot be taken away from him ever. He will be alive and real until he stops thinking. He has the ability to think so he must be alive (1). To a point this can be true but Descartes breathes therefore he is or his heart beats therefore he is. His existence is not just based off him thinking.
Substance dualism states that there are two foundations. They are mental and body. Mental cannot exist outside the body and the body cannot think. Descartes believes the mind is a completely different substance than matter. Matter has dimensions, can be touched, smelt, and tasted. Mind is the opposite. It has no definition, is invisible, and without limits (2). Mind is completely just our thoughts but our thoughts can be based off of matter and our bodies. Our thoughts can be affected by what happens to our bodies.
Descartes questions…

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