Deresky Experiential Exercise Chapter 8 Essay example

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di v i si on




a si a

Re a de rs Re spo nd t o

Revolution in World Missions

“I have just read Revolution in World Missions. This book greatly ministered to me and stirred me in a way no book has ever done.
How can we order more copies?”
—Pastor J.P., Lakeside, Oregon
“Your book stirred me to tears and drove me to prayer!”
—Miss J.S., Towson, Maryland
“I have read Revolution in World Missions twice, and now I am more convinced than ever that investing in national missionaries and Bridge of Hope children will yield better returns than silver or gold. Thank you for waking me up, Brother K.P.”
—Mr. K.G., Calgary, Alberta
“I read your book and think it is one of the most
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I.T., Houston, Texas
“I was a missionary in Nigeria for 20 years and understand what this book is all about.”
—Mrs. D.T., Kearney, Arizona
“If I had to pick eight books outside the biblical canon that every Christian should read, Revolution in World Missions would be one of them.”
—Mr. J.L., Stockport, England

What I nt e rna t i o na l C h r is ti a n
Lead e rs Are Say i ng Ab o u t

“There are many that talk a good message, but not too many who actually live it out. Gospel for Asia is serious about the challenge of reaching unreached people groups. . . . The 10/40
Window is where the Gospel needs to go. And GFA is a major force today standing in the gap. They represent the primary unreached peoples on planet Earth. GFA has what it takes to penetrate the 10/40 Window.”
—Luis Bush, Director, World Inquiry
“Gospel for Asia has become one of the more significant pioneer missionary agencies, with a good accountability structure.
. . . They are doing an excellent job.”
—Patrick Johnstone, Author, Operation World
“Gospel for Asia is not a movement, but a phenomenon. GFA has become one of the most significant mission organizations of this century.”
—George Verwer, Founder and former International
Director, Operation Mobilization
“Every once in a while God gives to His people a man who is qualified to cut us open, give us a diagnosis and

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